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20/10/2017 5:56 pm  

Plan for the release:

  • Services and service manager
  • SD card support for STM32F7
  • User space programs handling
  • TouchScreen support
  • Add trennings of preparing linux environmental
  • Add missed images in trainings
  • Fix the problem with missed Qt 5.7 libs in the linux
  • Widgets Screen interface
  • I2C driver

  Release notes:

  • Added syssprint service - it prints few system information on the screen
  • Added gtd driver - Graphics Terminal Driver - emulates VT100 terminal on the LCD
  • Fix problem with killing services
  • Added %R to printf (for printing error codes)
  • Added driverlog support in oc_driver.h
  • Added function for reading next argument from arguments list (oC_GetArgumentAfter)
  • Added support of config files for programs in chell (using <= operator in the chell)
  • Added support of streams redirections in the chell
  • Added support of commands joining by using || and && operators in the chell
  • Added implementation of function fsize for reading size of the file
  • Added i2c program for dynamic configuration of the i2c driver
  • Added possibility of saving errors also in ErrorCondition macro
  • Added oc_posix_ptrs.h - possibility of calling posix functions outside of core space
  • Implementation of LEVEL(1) for oC_ASSERT - assertions will be printed in debug logs instead of stacking in while(1)
  • Added implementation of i2c driver for stm32f7 family
  • Added function oC_Event_SetStateBits that allows for setting selected bits in event without changing the others
  • Added possibility of blocking threads until at least one bit in variable is set or cleared
  • Added functions oC_Event_WaitForBitSet and oC_Event_WaitForBitCleared that allows for waiting to any bit from bit mask set
  • Added new driver type - Input Event Driver - it is a driver for handling input events such as: keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, etc
  • Added option -x to program -cat that allows for printing content of a file as hex values
  • Fix bug in fopen function in RamFS
  • Added macro oC_Struct_Define that allows for definition of the structure on the stack and filling it with zeros.
  • New program ft5336 for testing touch screen in the STM32F7 discovery implemented
  • Touch screen driver for chip ft5336 implemented
  • Added new object ICtrl designed for handling input events. It allows also for software gestures recognition and recording
  • Added handling of %b specifier in printf (allows for printing numbers in bits format)
  • Added program paint - simple program for drawing (it was created just for tests of touch screen)
  • Added upng library - library for loading and analyzing PNG files
  • Added functions fgetc and fgets to the stdio API
  • Added function oC_ColorMap_DrawTriangle for drawing triangles
  • Added function oC_ColorMap_DrawRect for drawing rectangles
  • Added functions memset_u16, memset_u32 and memset_u64 for faster setting values in the memory
  • Added function oC_ColorMap_DrawBackground for quick drawing background color
  • New library Widget has been added - allows for drawing widgets for handling human interacts
  • Fix bug in scanf with reading numbers that starts with the 0
  • Speed up memory allocations by adding free area cache
  • Added support of multi layers, that can be easy switched in color maps and screens
  • Added program elfread for parsing ELF files
  • Added makefiles and possibility to compile a program as an elf - thanks to that it can be dynamically added to the system
  • Added "Hard Fault Reason" to the hard fault message and killing the process that caused the hard fault instead of rebooting the system
  • Added cbinread program for analyzing CBIN files
  • Implementation of auto-filling full matched string in the chell
  • Added common script build.cmd to provide the same build command for unix and windows
  • Fix problem with %llu in printf
  • Added simple program diff for comparing text files
  • Added driver spi with lld implemented for STM32F7
  • Added program spi for dynamic configuration and test SPI
  • Added new driver type STORAGE_DRIVER - the type is for handling storage devices such as SD card, memory flash, etc
  • Added directories to DevFS to allow use auto-configuration files
  • Added service vfs for waiting for storage devices and mounting it when possible
  • Changed malloc and free function arguments to add possibility of using it without AllocationFlags parameter
  • Added DataPackage helper library for managing buffers with data
  • Added Storage object for handling storages
  • Added StorageMan module for managing Storage objects
  • Added Disk object for handling hard drives
  • Added DiskMan object for managing drives
  • Added Partition object for accessing partition data
  • Added oC_ErrorCode_t and error codes to doxygen
  • Fixed problem with GPIO doxygen description
  • Integrated VFS module to work with storages
  • Integrated DriverMan and Driver to work with storages
  • Added InstanceAdded and InstanceRemoved callbacks to Driver interface - thanks to that it is possible to inform file system, that a driver is configured
  • Added SDMMC driver - a driver for handling SD and MMC cards
  • Fixed problems with building on pipelines
  • Fixed problems with building the project without root privilages
  • Modified DevFS to support few more directories: /drivers/, /autoconfig/, /instances/ and /storages
  • Added support of storage drivers
  • Added driver for SD/MMC cards
  • Added FatFS to the file system lists
  • Added Storage object implementation
  • Added Storage to the file system initialization parameters
  • Added printing of result of modules starting during boot (on stderr)
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