Stack control

  Stack Control To get informations about the system, you type “system” command in the chell. You can see here: – version of the system – build date and time – you should note, that it is not a release date, but only compilation date – also here you can find CPU Architecture – and time of system startup Moreover the

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Memory Control

Memory Program If you type the “memory” command in the chell, you will see the program for showing memory informations, such as: – RAM or ROM size, – Usage of memory – Memory alignment – And sizes of few sections But more important thing hides under the “Show Allocations” menu. It’s here, where you can see list of allocated memory.

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System Control Tools

There are many tools, that helps an engineer in a project development. It includes: memory allocation control unit, special events module, stack-overflow protector, errors controls module, and much more.

Easy to use

All modules are written with the same rules, so when you will know how to use one of them, you will know how to use all.

It’s Free

You can download it, and use for free as long as you want.