Choco OS  V.
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Here is a list of all modules:
 BootloaderMechanism for boot loading the system
 ETH - Ethernet driverDriver of the Ethernet communication
 FMC - Flexible Memory ControllerDriver for configuration and manage external memory
 Graphic Terminal DriversDriver for handling virtual terminal on graphics displays
 LCD TFT DriverCommon driver for LCD-TFT
 ScreenModule for storing informations about the screen
 Screens ManagerModule for managing screens
 TGUI - Terminal GUI ModuleHandles VT100 pseudo GUI operations
 Exception HandlerModule that handles system exceptions
 (MemMan) Memory ManagerModule for manage memory space
 NetworkNetwork types, definitions and low level functions
 Netif - Network Interface objectStores informations about the network interface
 NetifMan - Network interface managerHandles network interface objects
 PortMan - Port ManagerHelps to managing network ports in different protocols
 DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
 Internet Control Message ProtocolModule for handling ICMP packets
 Tcp - Transmission Control ProtocolModule that handles transmission in the TCP IP
 Udp - User Datagram ProtocolModule for handling UDP protocol datagrams
 System Status Printer
 (Bits) The library for the bits operation
 FrequencyLibrary with types and functions that helps to manage frequency calculations
 (ADC-LLD) Analog to Digital Converter Low Level DriverDriver for handling convert from analog to digital signals
 (CLOCK-LLD) Clock Low Level DriverSystem clock related operations
 (DAC-LLD) Digital to Analog Converter Low Level DriverDriver to handle convert operations from digital to analog signals
 (DMA-LLD) DMA Low Level DriverDirect Memory Access Portable Layer
 (ETH-LLD) ETH Low Level DriverHandles ETH transmissions
 (FMC-LLD) FMC Low Level DriverHandles FMC transmissions
 (GPIO-LLD) General Purpose Input-Output Low Level DriverInput/Output basic operations managing
 (LCDTFT-LLD) LCDTFT Low Level DriverHandles LCDTFT transmissions
 (MEM-LLD) Memory Low Level DriverManaging memory operations
 (SPI-LLD) SPI Low Level DriverHandle SPI transmissions
 (SYS-LLD) System Low Level DriverManage system operations
 (TIMER-LLD) Timers Low Level DriverManaging timers operations
 (UART-LLD) UART Low Level DriverHandles UART transmissions
 BA - Base AddressesModule for managing base addresses
 Channels ModuleModule for managing machine module channels
 Interrupts ModuleModule for definitions and types of interrupts
 (LSF) - Linker Specific FunctionsLinker Specific Functions
 Machine specific functions module
 MCS - Machine Core Specific ModuleModule with machine core specific definitions
 Pins ModuleModule with interface for handling machine pins
 Registers ModuleModule with definitions of registers
 RMaps - Register Maps moduleModule for managing register maps definitions
 (SAI PLL) Module for configuration of the SAI PLLModule for configuration of the PLL SAI for STM32F7 family
 Machine Definitions (MDefs)