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oC_TGUI_Style_t Struct Reference

stores style of elements More...

#include <oc_tgui.h>

Data Fields

oC_TGUI_Color_t Background
 Color of the background.
oC_TGUI_Color_t Foreground
 Color of the foreground.
oC_TGUI_TextStyle_t TextStyle
 Text attributes (bold/underline,etc)
bool DontDraw
 Additional field for TGUI functions. More...

Detailed Description

The type stores all terminal style parameters in one structure. Example of usage:

static const oC_TGUI_Style_t style = {
.Foreground = oC_TGUI_Color_Blue ,
.DontDraw = false ,
printf("This text is written on red background with blue foreground.\n\r");

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The structure fields:

Definition at line 230 of file oc_tgui.h.

Field Documentation

bool DontDraw

If this flag is set to 'true', then the element of this style will not be drawn

Definition at line 235 of file oc_tgui.h.

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