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oC_TGUI_BoxStyle_t Struct Reference

style for box More...

#include <oc_tgui.h>

Data Fields

oC_TGUI_Style_t BorderStyle
 Style of the box border.
oC_TGUI_Style_t TitleStyle
 Title style.
oC_TGUI_Style_t ShadowStyle
 Shadow (right down and right bottom)
oC_TGUI_Style_t InsideStyle
 Style of text inside.

Detailed Description

The type stores style for the Box.

See also

Example of usage:

static const oC_TGUI_BoxStyle_t boxStyle = {
.BorderStyle.Background = oC_TGUI_Color_White ,
.TitleStyle.Foreground = oC_TGUI_Color_Black ,
.TitleStyle.Background = oC_TGUI_Color_White ,
.ShadowStyle.Background = oC_TGUI_Color_Blue ,
.InsideStyle.Background = oC_TGUI_Color_LightBlue ,
.InsideStyle.Foreground = oC_TGUI_Color_Blue ,
static const oC_TGUI_Position_t position = { .Column = 1 , .Line = 1 };
static const oC_TGUI_Column_t width = 60;
static const oC_TGUI_Line_t height = 20;
oC_TGUI_DrawBox( "[ TITLE ]" , "Text inside box" , position , width , height , &boxStyle);

Result of the example code:

Example TGUI Box
If you do not want some part of the box, set the DontDraw flag in the style to true

List of box parties:

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